Zuul Technology

Zuul Gatekeeper

The patent-pending Gatekeeper provides IIoT authorization and access control for normal and COOP missions, eliminating backdoor vulnerabilities. It is a software solution for strong PKI credential management, enforced both at the server/cloud AND at the device.

Zuul IoT-Protector

Protector provides IIoT-optimized device protection via declarative enforcement at all levels: Network, File, Process, OS. It blocks unauthorized accesses/uses and reports on anomalies. Defend against both traditional IT malware as well as OT attacks (control messages that misuse IIoT devices).

Zuul IoT-Defender

Defender is the deep-packet inspection tool, using Gatekeeper credentials. It provides behavior anomaly monitoring/alerting, leveraging IP-to-Legacy Gateways for Monitoring and Alerting on OT protocol attacks.

Zuul Security Model

At Zuul security permeates everything we do - we are a security company after all. The Zuul Gatekeeper, IoT-Protector, and Defender are both security and secure products.

Our scalable, software-only defenses to protect against IP threats and provide detection and response when an IP or legacy attack does succeed. Best of all, our software solution complements existing hardware : No new appliances or gateways required.

The Internet of Things is expanding rapidly. Zuul extends seamlessly to futures where all devices are IP, LANs are wireless (and transient), and IIoT Servers move to the cloud.

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