Explicit High Value Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure

A Risk-based Approach to IIoT Security

Protect Everything

IIoT Security
focused on asset classes underpinning critical business functions (people, servers, devices, and networks)

Protect Everything

360 Degree View
allows for Proactive & Re-active protection, fewer false positives and instantaneous response to threats

Protect Everything

that improves agility, simplifies security & compliance and minds the gap for compensating controls

Protect Everything

Maximize Security ROI
tailor-made security based on asset value and associated risk

The Zuul Approach

    • Standards based
      • Zero Trust Architecture
      • NIST CSF
    • Proactive & Re-active options
  • People & Servers, Devices and Networks 
    • Strong protection across asset class
    • Orchestrate compensating controls
    • Plug into existing infrastructure
  • SaaS delivery model


Securing OT is Different than Securing IT

IT Systems Design

General Purpose: Non-deterministic, managed & unmanaged

Attack Objectives: DoS & Data

  • Data attacks focus on ex-fill of Proprietary & Personal Data or Ransomware lockdown
  • Attacks are increasing in frequency and scope

OT Systems Design

Purpose built: Deterministic, generally managed

Attack Targets: Traditional IT Objectives + Physical Disruption/Damage

  • Frequency and scope parallel IT patterns
  • Increases consequences of cyber attacks

Opportunity for improved Cyber Security

  • Tipping, Cross queuing, and Coordinated defenses across NIST framework

Tailor made for these industries


Configure networked gear on buses, trains, or track systems quickly and consistently

Smart Building Automation

Discover and manage a wide range of smart devices—entry and security systems, elevators, HVAC, etc.

Industrial Control

Enable cloud services while reliably restricting unauthorized access to networked SCADA systems.