Zuul Technology

Zuul Platform Components


Zuul Approach

    • Standards based
      • Zero Trust Architecture
      • NIST CSF
    • Proactive & Re-active options
  • People & Servers, Devices and Networks 
    • Strong protection across asset class
    • Orchestrate compensating controls
    • Plug into existing infrastructure
  • SaaS delivery model

Zuul Platform Components



Zuul Security Engine

  • Integrated and Optimized for OT Security
    • Connecting Rod for the Zuul Drive Wheel
  • Maximize Security/Business results
    • Asset Discovery and Vulnerability Analysis
    • Protection Optimized for Availability
    • Continuous monitoring
    • Rapid Security Breech awareness and recovery
    • Minimizes Configuration Drift
  • Key Features
    • Device Security Data Model
    • Enterprise Deployment Data Model
    • Security Policy Enforcement
    • Security Orchestration

Zuul Platform Components



Zuul ND: Network Defense

  • Implements Zero Trust passive network defense for OT networks
    • Intrusion Detection
    • Intelligent lateral movement controls
    • Identify and manage IT/OT boundaries

Zuul Platform Components




Zuul EPP: Endpoint Protection

  • Zero Trust Endpoint Protection designed for OT
  • HIDS/HIPS Implement for small-form-factor devices
    • Agent-based
    • Agentless option
    • Supports brownfield: as much security as device can support as well as compensating controls

Zuul Platform Components



Zero Trust AAA

  • Cross-vendor least-privilege IAM for Servers and People
    • Manage and control authorized connections for each device type and network service
    • Certificate based where possible
    • Complements micro-segmentation strategy
    • Service Technicians
      • MFA that works offline
      • Vendor-agnostic RBAC